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‘FreeBeginnerhebrewlessons‘ is our beginnger program. It consists of over 700 screens, and contains hundreds of practice drills and exercises. It starts you out by learning just two letters at a time, and two or three vowels. Each lesson then adds a couple of more letters. At the end of 13 lessons (which should take only 15-30 minutes each), you should be to ‘read’ Hebrew. By ‘read’, I mean see a word, and at least slowly sound it out. That doesn’t mean that you will have the vocabulary to know exactly what it means.

There are three types of categories for users to access and view the videos. All these categories are totaly free.1. Visitors: To view the videos in this category do not need any registration or subscription. 2. Members: To view the videos in this category to Create Your Free Beginner Hebrew Account at the Home page.is a minimum requirement. 

3. Registered Members: A free subscription form will be sent to your email after the you signup. Members got registered through that subscription form will get access to view more videos in further lessons. 

The text in the lower left corner says: “How sweet are thy words unto my taste! Yea, sweeter than honey to my mouth.” Psalm 119:103 The illustration is that the boy is “eating” and enjoying the Hebrew letters and the Word of God from the honeycomb

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We have created 8 children stories which follow young children as they play and interact with one another and with their parents. These stories are not necessarily only for children; we believe parents (and adults in general) will appreciate the high standard of instruction and the great content found in this program as well! The format for Hebrew Kindergarten is multi-media: using Audio and Visual techniques with games, quizzes, and matching exercises to augment the learning experience.

All videos in all 4 to 13 lessons are free to view to all Registered Members who completed and submitted the Subscription Form sent in an email after Created Your Free Beginner Hebrew Account at the Home page.

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